Enguild Android License

The use of any Android application provided by Enguild AB is subject to the Enguild Terms of Service. These Terms of Service can always be found at http://www.enguild.com/documents.htm or by clicking here. By using any Enguild Android application you are accepting the Enguild Terms of Service.

The following additional terms apply to Android applications from Enguild AB. The term application is used to define any application provided to you by Enguild AB, referred to as Enguild.

  • The license to use the application is granted to you personally and may not be transferred to any other person or organisation without a written permission from Enguild. Since the license is personal, you are allowed to install the application on an unlimited number of devices provided that they are only used by yourself and no one else.
  • If you have purchased an application, you are not allowed to make copies of this application which is stated in the Terms of Service. You are however entitled to download the same application again from the URL in the email with download information. This is to make it possible for you to reinstall the application on the same or any other Android device owned and used by yourself. There is a limited number of downloads possible before you will encounter an error. If you encounter such an error and believe that you fulfill the requirements in this license, send an email with a copy of your purchase receipt to Enguild at the address: android@enguild.com to increase the download limit. This limit is enforced to prevent misuse in case any third party has gained access to your download information.
  • If you in any way wish to transfer a device with the application installed to any third party, you are required to deinstall the application prior to transferring the device.
  • Enguild may at any time choose to release an upgrade which is not covered by the fee of the initial purchase. Should you wish to receive such an upgrade, you are required to purchase the upgrade at the price which is determined by Enguild. There is no guarantee that any upgrade will be offered for free or at a discounted price.